Best selling rap albums of all time wiki

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Magnéto is a Montréal-based radio production agency currently working alongside Radio Canada and independently to create a platform for Québécois podcasts. And here’s the best part: We want to hear […]

Fender music foundation grants

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It feels as if everything I’ve worked on in the last 18 years has been leading up to this moment. The pieces of the puzzle have come together, and I’m […]

Real gangster rappers

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One of those such masterworks, unearthed and posted to YouTube four years ago, has since become so legendarily saved that it’s not only finally receiving its due in commercial triumph, but it’s also […]

Gangsta rap lyrics

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With social media promotion becoming trickier and harder to do for free, band websites are more important now than ever. From selling merch with no middleman to promoting a new […]